Potato Videos

Frittata Breakfast Sandwich

Potato Frittata Recipe by Chef Bill Briwa

BREAKFAST BREAKOUT! Potato Frittata — Sautéed vegetables of Yukon Gold, mushrooms and Swiss chard combine for a hearty vegetarian breakfast entrée. Breakfast sales are on the rise driven by savvy...
Potatoes 101

Potatoes 101

In this video, learn how to select potatoes at the grocery store (yellow, red, and purple ones too!), tips for storing potatoes at home, and microwave techniques for quicker potato...
Quick and Healthy Fries

How to Make Quick and Healthy Fries

Craving fries?  Try potato expert Patty Mastraccos Quick and Healthy Baked Fries for a side dish in minutes or after-school snack the kids will love.  The trick is using your...