Meet the Growers

Did you know the vast majority of all potato farms in the US are family owned?  It’s true! From California to the Carolinas, families just like yours work hard year-round to nurture, grow and deliver potatoes from their farm to your local market.

Take a moment and meet some of the special men and women from across the country who are proud to help feed you and your family.


Potato Grower Don Thibodeau

Don Thibodeau

Don Thibodeau  is a fifth generation potato grower from Fryeburg, Maine.  His family farm, Green Thumb Farms, Inc., strives to preserve Maine’s open spaces and agricultural heritage, growing potatoes, turf,...
Potato Grower Dave Masser

Dave Masser

For eight generations the Masser family has been cultivating potatoes.  Keeping the tradition alive, Dave Masser continues this heritage on Sterman Masser Farms in Sacramento, PA.  As a child Dave...
Potato Grower Russ Wysocki

Russ Wysocki

RPE (aka Russet Potato Exchange) has been around since the ’60s. Started by the Wysocki brothers, RPE continues to be a family business — and one that holds itself to...
Potato Grower Nick Somers

Nick Somers

Nick comes from a family of farmers — he’s third-generation — but is now the only remaining family member who is a farmer. Together, he and his wife share responsibility...
Potato Grower Justin Isherwood

Justin Isherwood

Bet you didn’t know this. One of Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown potato growers — Justin Isherwood — is an accomplished author. And because of those talents, he has been interviewed on National Public...