Potatoes, a guide to formulating with America's favorite vegetable
Satisfying, healthful and packed with potential, the potato is the universal crowd-pleaser.

Consumers are raising the stakes on heat-and-eat foods. Even as Americans outsource more of their meal prep to the freezer and refrigerator cases, their palates judge their purchases against the trends set on restaurant menus. Today’s meals must be more things to more people: convenient, cost-effective, healthful and comparable in quality and taste to anything a restaurant would serve.

How can food developers meet this challenge? By formulating with wholesome, “real-food” ingredients that perform and provide value to consumers and manufacturers. That’s an order tailor-made for potatoes, the hardest-working tool in the product developer’s kit. A thoroughly modern ingredient available in forms that fit manufacturing’s constraints, the potato is the ultimate canvas for creative innovation. And here’s why:

THEY’RE VERSATILE From side dishes to center-of-the-plate, potatoes hold their own no matter how you feature them. As the only starch that’s also a vegetable, they work overtime in meals to deliver health and satisfaction. And with exciting new varieties and ingredient forms at the ready, potatoes really round out your products.

THEY’RE NUTRITIOUS You can’t beat America’s favorite vegetable for positive nutrition. Besides bringing vitamins and anti-oxidants to your label, they’re packed with satiety-inducing fiber that makes their 75 fat-free calories per 100 grams really count. As Americans wake up to the wisdom of choosing whole, plant-based foods, potatoes are the perfect fit.

With obesity rates rising, Americans are hungry for foods that help them manage their weight—not add to it.  According to one study by The NPD Group, 67% of consumers say satiety is an important factor in their food and beverage choices, and 72% believe that the best way to control hunger is with a nutritionally balanced diet. Enter the potato which, in a classic study of the subject, earned the highest satiety rating among 38 foods—including rice and pasta—scored for their ability to produce a sense of fullness.

THEY’RE GLUTEN-FREE  Because potatoes are gluten-free and always have been, they make the perfect addition to gluten-free frozen meals. And when you use potatoes to go gluten free, consumers won’t miss anything because there’s nothing to miss. Potatoes also appeal to product developers because, unlike specially formulated gluten-free pastas or breads, they’re the same whole-food ingredients they always have been—no taste or texture tweaks, no performance surprises, no price premium. With potatoes in the package, getting the gluten out has never been so easy.

THEY’RE DELICIOUS  Who doesn’t crave potatoes? Satisfying taste, appealing color and an irresistible range of textures send potatoes to the top of the charts in cuisines that span the globe. No wonder consumers, whether craving comfort or on the hunt for farflung flavor, always find room for potatoes.


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