Potato Options

Frozen Potato Products in Action

Potatoes grown for frozen processing are chosen for their high solids and low sugar contents—yielding finished products with the appearance, taste and texture that consumers love, as well as the performance and consistency that manufacturers require. U.S. potato farmers grow plentiful, year-round supplies that exceed industry, Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture specifications. Rapid freezing locks in fresh-potato taste and nutrition, resulting in wholesome, delicious, whole-food ingredients that encourage innovative product development. With frozen potatoes in your formulation, the possibilities abound:

Key Benefits:

  • Frozen potato ingredients require minimal onsite preparation.
  • They eliminate the need for specialized blanching, baking, roasting or thermalizing equipment
  • Prepared frozen potatoes require cery little time or entergy for use in meal processing–including final refreezing.

16 frozen potato products

Dehydrated potato products take versatility to new heights

US dehydrated potato products set the standard for quality worldwide. Only the best raw materials—not potato-processing byproducts—make the cut, ensuring superior performance and results. Quality begins in the field, where ideal growing conditions produce consistent, flavorful potatoes. Processors apply the latest dehydration technology to retain premium potato flavor, making dehydrated potatoes in a range of appealing forms the competitive alternative to rice and pasta.

Key Benefits:

  • Precooked dehydrated potato products require a minimum of rehdration or heating for use in frozen or refrigerated meals.
  • Sauce and seasoning ingredients are easy to incorportate into dry product for simple preparation of the finished meal.
  • Lightweight dehydrated potatoes are convenient and cost-effective to ship, store and prepare.
  • With a shelf life of up to two years, they minimize waste and simplify inventory management.


standard dehydrated potato flakesStandard Flakes

Standard flakes are among the most well-known and widely used dehydrated potato products. Make them your first choice when you need an all-purpose ingredient for general frozen applications.


standard potato granulesStandard Granules

Like potato flakes, granules are prepared using top-quality sliced, cooked and dried potatoes. Extra steps create a dried granular texture that increases bulk density in shipping, giving potato granules even more appeal as an economical choice.

Slices, Dices & Shreds

Potato processors offer a variety of dehydrated slices, dices and shreds for frozen applications. Recognizable potato identity, flavor and texture win with consumers, while the range of products available inspires product development creativity