Why Potatoes?

Potatoes are the Ultimate Canvas for Creative Innovation

Potatoes can help food developers meet the challenge of formulating with wholesome, “real-food” ingredients that perform and provide value to consumers and manufacturers. Let potatoes be the hardest-working tool in your kit. A thoroughly modern ingredient available in forms that fit manufacturing’s constraints.

International Flair A truly global food, potatoes are staples of some of the hottest international cuisines, supporting emerging flavor profiles and meal styles. Concept:  Mediterranean Vegetable Bake.

Contemporary Classics Potatoes build on beloved mealtime traditions when you add a 21st-century twist. Concept: Turkey meatloaf with smoked mashed potatoes.

Gluten Free Potato LasagnaNaturally Gluten Free No need to sacrifice consumer appeal—or search for pricey gluten-free ingredients—to feed the growing number of consumers avoiding gluten. Formulating with potatoes makes going gluten-free easy. Concept: Substitute potatoes for pasta in any meal.

Taking Center Stage Who says potatoes can’t hold the center of the plate? Potatoes go beyond side-status to hold their own as foundations for satisfying meals. Concept: Mashed potato bowl.

Child’s Play Even picky palates can’t resist potatoes, and parents who serve them feel good about doing the nutritionally right thing for their little ones. Concept: Chicken tenders with confetti mashed potatoes.

Think Thin The potato is America’s favorite vegetable, packed with fiber and nutrition; delicious in its own right, it doesn’t need high-fat add-ons to earn fans. Concept: Salmon or sole with roasted potato and vegetable blend.

Salmon and potato medleyVarieties, The Spice of Life Specialty potato varieties are in demand, making colorful purple and red-skinned potatoes, elegant fingerlings and adorable “baby bakers” compelling sides. Concept: Grilled chicken or tofu with side of multi-color potato blend.

Potatoes on the New American Menu The potato is as comfortable on the cutting edge as it is in the classics. Just look to what’s going on in restaurants to see what can trickle down to retail. Concept: Mediterranean Potato and Vegetable Bake