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Happy Healthy New Year!

The holiday months were filled with festivities and the hustle-bustle of multiple obligations.  Now, we’re ready to “nest” with our families.  The pace of life has slowed down (momentarily), and now is time to focus on physical and emotional wellness–something we just might have neglected to do for the past three months because of other priorities. We’re taking down the holiday decorations and cleaning out closets, but we’re also contemplating joining a yoga studio or starting a new diet.

Personal wellness is multi-dimensional, and believe it or not the goodness of potatoes can actually play a role in achieving it.

It’s 5:00, the sky is dark and there could be snow falling, but potatoes create a warm dinnertime glow in the kitchen.  At no other time in the year does is the home cook so special with your gift of bringing the family together at the kitchen table, offering happiness and comfort through creamy potato soups and family-favorite casseroles.

Keep those family-favorites healthy. Tara Gidus, RD, the United States Potato Board’s Real Mom ambassador of the season, explains how to turn soups, the ultimate winter comfort food classic, into a nutrition powerhouse in this article.

Try a new healthy and creative potato recipe. You don’t have to tell your family is that because of the potato’s natural nutrition and weight management benefits, you’re serving potato classics that have been lightened up. Visit our recipe section where the vast majority of delicious, tested recipes have excellent nutritional profiles.

Expand your foundation of nutrition expertise.  Potatoes are filled with nutrition, and you can read all about the benefits of these nutrients.

Help your kids embark on a lifetime of healthful eating habits. Download activities from our Kids Corner, which make learning about nutrition fun.