Backpack Brochures Available Now: “Potatoes – Packed with Good Nutrition”

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) and School Nutrition Federation (SNF) have teamed up with the United States Potato Board (USPB) to create the newly released “Potatoes – Packed with Good Nutrition” Backpack Brochure!  The SNA and SNF produce a limited series of educational brochures each year that are designed to reach parents via their children’s “backpacks.”  Limited quantities are distributed directly by schools, but we’re making these high-quality brochures available to educators and parents as well, while supplies last.

brochure1.jpg brochure2.jpg brochure3.jpg

In an effort to educate parents and school officials on the nutritional value, low cost and overwhelming popularity of the potato, these brochures have been developed as part of the SNA’s “Partners in Nutrition” series. These full-color brochures contain tips and ideas for encouraging children to eat fruits and vegetables and feature up-to-date information on America’s favorite vegetable, the potato.

For example, did you know that one medium-sized (5.3 oz) potato contains only 110 calories, is fat- and cholesterol-free and contains more potassium than a banana? A potato eaten with the skin offers important dietary fiber, is rich in vitamin C, and a good source of vitamin B6. For healthy potato recipes, visit

To order your packet of 100 brochures, call the SNA emporium at (800) 728-0728. Supplies are limited to 10 packets per caller, and the only cost is shipping and handling.
For more information on SNA’s Backpack Brochure program, please visit or contact the SNA Service Center at (800) 877-8822 ext. 200.

Downloadable PDF: