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  • Hi Liz,
    I’m preparing a post which will include the monthly food celebrations for the month of September. There are conflicting stories online as to when or should I say if, there is a month dedicated to potatoes. Some say February is National Potato Month and others say September.

    I was wondering if you could verify either? Thank you so much for your time, Louise.

  • Nina Cooper

    I saw an ad and it had a picture of a potato dish that looked good and it said to go to your website for the recipe. It was called Fiesta Potato Smashers. I cannot get the recipe on your website. Please send to me. Thanks.

  • Eleanor

    Your russet potatoes, purchased in Florida, were so good, I insisted that my husband, purchase the same type again! They were yummy as mashed potatoes (Becel & milk, salt & pepper), as fried potaotes in peanut oil, with club house herbs, and as a baked potato!!!

    healthy potato recipe

    I read their storage bag, and found the here I am.

    I’m from Nova Scotia, and we have ‘table potatoes’.

    Sadly, my HH (Home Hardware (a Cdn chain) french fry cutter broke, while making home made fries)

    My website may be given at a later date.