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WHY DEHYDRATED POTATOES? Dehydrated potatoes deliver all the flavor, versatility and nutrition of real, fresh potatoes because…

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Dehydrated Potato Types

POTATO FLAKES: STANDARD FLAKES RECOMMENDED USES: Standard flakes have, literally, hundreds of applications. Use them to create…

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Flakes, flours, granules and pieces: All U.S. dehydrated potato products start out as sound, whole U.S. potatoes—the…

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Snack Trends: Flavor, Function and Freshness Dominate

Snacking has long been a cornerstone of the American diet. A recent survey revealed that over half…

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Developing breads, buns and rolls to meet top U.S. foodservice trends

The bread, buns and rolls used to create sandwiches across the U.S. restaurant industry maintain a strong…

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Potatoes: Ultimate Stealth Ingredient

Many food manufacturers are reformulating products to accommodate the growing number of Americans with food allergies and…

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Potatoes: Ultimate Performance Food

America’s favorite vegetable offers performance-boosting benefits to support an active lifestyle. Help fuel busy and health-conscious consumers…

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Research: Potatoes as Gluten-Free Alternatives

Today, some 3.1 million people across the United States follow a gluten-free diet.1 The number of Americans going…

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Functionality: Potatoes as Gluten-Free Alternatives in Pasta

Looking to reduce breakage and enhance color in your pasta product offering, all while reducing costs? Dehydrated…

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Inspiration: Potatoes as Gluten-Free Alternatives in Crackers

Crackers of the gluten-free variety also benefit from the use of potatoes.  When adding various forms of…

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Innovation: Potatoes as Gluten-Free Alternatives in Sugar Cookies

The number of Americans interested in gluten-free foods is increasing, both due to allergies and lifestyle choices.1…

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Research: Unleashing Potato Solutions for Consumers

Potatoes are a consumer favorite both at foodservice and when consumers plan their own menus—and with good…

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Research: Unleashing Potato Solutions with Culinex

Recent research on opportunities for potato ingredients in gluten-free baking applications was done in Dr. Jim Painter’s…

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Technique: Spiralized Potato Noodles

For a literal twist on a classic dish, consider spiralizing potatoes and using them hot or cold…

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Inspiration: Global Sandwiches: Pupusas

Ethnic foods are surging in popularity, especially with younger populations, and the traditional El Salvadorian pupusa (or…

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Research: Better Your Breakfast with Potatoes

Demand and Versatility are top drivers for potato usage among Foodservice Operators 1. Two thirds of Foodservice…

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