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Frozen Potatoes

Frozen Family

The wide variety of U.S. frozen potato products can help you meet the challenge of providing your customers with tasty, convenient, globally-inspired menus and products appropriate for all occasions— breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacking.
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Dehydrated Potatoes

Dehy Cover Shot 07

Few products are as versatile as these hard-working ingredients. Potato dices, slices, shreds, flakes, granules and flour— these products are used in restaurants, delicatessens, coffee shops, institutions, bakeries, and snack manufacturing all over the world. They offer as many reasons to use them as there are ways to prepare them. Enhancing flavor, adding nutrition, improving texture, and increasing dough yield are only some of their benefits.
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Fresh Potatoes

Fresh - Various Types 14

Potatoes aren’t just popular: they’re the #1 side dish in  foodservice. You know that baked, mashed, roasted or fried, they have the remarkable ability to sell whatever you serve with them, enhancing presentations and adding value and appetite appeal. Now that you can tap into the intriguing shapes, colors and flavors of today’s exciting new potato types, innovation is easier than ever.
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