Retailer Resources

Retailer Resources

Fresh Potato Associate
Training Modules

To ensure produce associates are armed with valuable information on potatoes, Potatoes USA has developed Fresh Potato Associate Training Modules.  This on-line tool can be used to provide education to your store associates on harvest and packaging, storage and handling, potato varieties, nutrition and marketing strategies.  Not only can training increase sales, but proper storage and handling of the potato table will help maintain quality and decrease shrink. Each module is a short, entertaining and informative video followed by a quiz.  At the end of all modules associates can print out a certificate showing they’ve passed the potato training course.
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Retailer Fresh Facts Data

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Potatoes USA Price Analysis Tool

Potatoes USA commissioned this research to be a resource for the industry and answer the age old question “Are potatoes elastic or inelastic?”
With this tool, the industry will have the knowledge to continue to drive suppliers and retailers to  develop a consumer-driven and relevant category.
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Potato Types and TipsRed potatoes without sign

Looking to learn about the unique attributes of potatoes? We have created quick and easy references and  videos to give you nutritional highlights, preparation tips, and the uniqueness for each variety. Have fun exploring! Click here  to get started.