Potatoes.  The root of innovation.

Potatoes are the best-selling side dish in foodservice. Even the simplest side of creamy mashed or crispy roasted potatoes has the power to upsell any entrée you pair it with. And few ingredients are both well-loved and offer such great value for their food cost. With endless possibilities, let this nutritious vegetable be your canvas for menu innovation.

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    Meet a Potato Grower

    Sid Staunton of Tulelake, California

    Sid Staunton

    Tulelake, California

    Sid Staunton of Tulelake, California, is a third generation farmer.  He and his two brothers, Marshall and Ed, run Staunton Farms, a 5,000 acre farm.  They grow Russets, Organic... Read More

    Meet More Potato Growers