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F2F Meet the Grower: Dan Moss

Dan Moss operates a family farming business spanning four generations. Located along the Snake River Plain of South Central Idaho, the farm includes 15,000 fruitful acres and primarily grows russet potatoes.

Fertile volcanic soils, consistent water supply, warm days and cool nights make for ideal potato growing conditions that ensure a hefty potato crop. To keep pace with demand from frozen fry processors and foodservice distributors, Dan and his team take preseason orders to determine how many russets they need to produce. One-third of the farm’s acreage—about 5,000 acres—is devoted to russets. Crop rotation is vital to maintain healthy and fertile soil. Once a plot of land has produced russets, it rests for three years,  during which Dan grows alfalfa, corn, sugar beets or grain. For quality control purposes, he also operates a seed farm at a separate facility to maintain a good, clean seed supply that yields a fruitful crop.

“Russets are super versatile and mainly used for hash browns, mashed or baked potatoes and fresh-cut fries, making them the best choice for the QSR segment,” said Dan. “The thicker skin of a russet protects the flesh, achieving a crispy exterior and inner layer that is light
and fluffy.”

Dan’s favorite way to prepare a russet is a simple yet classic baked potato. No foil necessary! Just wash then rub with olive oil and seasoning salt, put in a 425°F oven on a baking sheet until easily pierced with a fork. This makes for a potato-skin-like baked potato with a crispy skin and fluffy, moist flesh!

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