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Standard Flakes

Dehy - Standard Flakes

Standard potato flakes are among the most well-known and widely used products. Made from premium U.S. potatoes, standard flakes are bright white in color and when reconstituted, have the dry, mealy texture and delicious flavor typical of freshly cooked mashed potatoes. Make them your first choice when you need an all-purpose ingredient, ideal for foodservice, bakery and many general food manufacturing purposes.

Standard flakes can be ground to various sizes, all the way to finer grinds that resemble flour. Finely ground flakes are not suitable for making mashed potatoes and are more typically used as an ingredient in food manufacturing and baking.

This product has literally hundreds of uses. Use standard flakes to create delicious mashed potatoes in an instant – and then build from there. Mashed potatoes can be served alone or localize their flavor by mixing with favorite meats and vegetables and topping with sauces like curry, Laksa or miso. Or create a signature pizza by adding mashed potatoes to the crust – and then top with more mashed potatoes!

Regular and finer grinds are also used as a thickener for gravies, sauces and stews; breading for fish, meat or vegetables; binder for meat or fish products; and pet food.

Low Peel/Low Leach Potato Flakes

Dehy - LPLL Flakes

Low peel/low leach potato flakes (LP/LL) are similar to standard flakes, however, they differ in that they undergo fewer steps during production. This preserves flavor but makes the rehydrated product unsuitable for mashed potatoes due to the starchy texture. They are also very lightly peeled to retain more potato flavor. The lighter peel impacts the color of the dehydrated product, making it off-white rather than white. Finally, low peel/low leach flakes are ground to a higher bulk density than standard flakes, for efficient packaging and shipping.

Low peel/low leach flakes are typically used in food manufacturing of all sorts of fabricated potato snack products, including sheeted and extruded snacks. When mixed with water and other ingredients, low peel/low leach flakes provide a cohesive dough that is easily handled and formed for the production of potato snacks. Use them to add texture, nutrition and flavor to cookies, biscuits, crackers, pizza dough and more!

Standard Granules

Dehy - Granular and Fine Flour

Like potato flakes, granules are prepared using top quality sliced, cooked and dried potatoes. Extra steps create a dried granular texture that increases bulk density in shipping, giving potato granules appeal as an economical choice. Granules also reconstitute exceptionally well, due to the toughening of the cell walls that occurs because of the process to create a granular texture. Again, this makes them the product of choice for institutions. The color, flavor and texture of reconstituted potato granules is very similar to fresh mashed potatoes.

Standard granules are often the product of choice for hospitals, schools, nursing homes and similar institutions, both for their economy and their consistent quality. They can be used for nearly every application for which standard flakes are used, including recipes utilizing mashed potatoes.

Granules are also a popular choice for food manufacturers and work well in: extruded, dried, shred-like products such as hash browns; dry mixes for extruded fries and other shaped products for frying; fried, baked and pelleted snack products such as chips, sticks and crackers; breading; soups; flavoring agents; thickener; and frozen dinners.

Mashed Potato Mixes

Cover Shot Various Forms

U.S. processors offer a wide choice of convenient mashed potato mixes. These products consist of agglomerated and/or blended potato flakes and granules, often pre-seasoned for further convenience. These provide the experience of fresh mashed potatoes in an instant.

Mashed potato mixes are highly convenient. These products can be found on the shelves of retail outlets or in the kitchens of institutions and restaurants all over the world. From salads and side dishes to main dishes, in soups and in baked goods, as filling or topping, mashed potatoes are the perfect ingredient.

Granular & Fine Flour

Dehy - Granular and Fine Flour

Potato flour is simply cooked, dried ground potatoes with no additives. Granular flour will pass through a 40 mesh, or 420 micron, screen. Fine flour will pass through an 80 mesh, or 177 micron, screen. Although it may look like finely ground potato flakes, the two products are very different. True flour produces a stickier product when liquid is added, and is best used in small amounts to extend other flours.

Granular and fine potato flour work well as a thickener in gravies and as a breading to coat fried foods. They also help improve the texture of most baked goods such as biscuits, pancakes, breads, muffins, cookies through a softer mouthfeel. Potato flour is not to be rehydrated as a stand-alone product unless it is being made into a gruel; it is to be used only as an ingredient. It is not suitable for mashed potatoes.



U.S. potato processors offer a wide variety of dehydrated potato slices, dices and shreds for contemporary foodservice and manufacturing applications. These products are the ultimate in convenience: provide your customers with fresh potato flavor and nutrition without washing, peeling, slicing, dicing, and shredding. Once rehydrated, they cook up firm just like freshly prepared potatoes. These products win favor with consumers as they have a recognizable potato identity, flavor and texture.

These products can be used in any recipe calling for potatoes: soups and stews; potato salads; hash browns; and casseroles such as scalloped or au gratin potatoes. Food manufacturers continue to find new possibilities for their use in dried or canned soups and stews, and in snack foods such as extruded snack pellets.

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