Potato Retailers

Today’s consumers value flavor, freshness, and convenience making potatoes an excellent choice to meet today’s consumer demands.  Potatoes USA is here to help retailers understand shopper behaviors, potato assortment, pricing and merchandising options to drive their potato category performance, while also inspiring consumers with the variety, versatility and creativity potatoes can bring to their meals.
Come explore shopper data, educational tools and market insights, if you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact Ross Johnson at 303-369-7783 or [email protected].

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Fresh Potato Training Modules

Learn more about the life of a potato from field to fork. To ensure produce associates are armed with valuable information on potatoes, this online training can be used to provide education on harvest and packaging, storage and handling, potato varieties, nutrition and marketing strategies.
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Potato Types and Tips

Looking to learn about the unique attributes of potatoes? We have created quick and easy to references and videos to give you nutritional highlights, preparation tips, and the uniqueness for each variety.
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