Sorbet Mashed Potatoes

A colorful palate of vegetable purees are combined with creamy mashed potatoes to make the perfect entrée or side dish. Try these flavors or make your own for a fun gelateria-style mashed potato bar!

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69% of patrons are looking for dishes that use potatoes in new, unexpected ways.

Potatoes are the favorite side dish at 45% beating out pasta and rice.

Potato Pitaya Bowl

A nutritional powerhouse blend of sweet and tangy dragon fruit and bananas is served topped with slices of fresh tropical fruit and crunchy potato granola. The perfect sweet and salty way to start the day with the power of potatoes.

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Purple Potato Brownies

Brilliant purple potatoes are baked into this wonderfully sweet chocolatey treat and finished with the perfectly salty crunch of purple potato chips

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Purple and Yellow Potato Maki

A south Korean staple only this time Potatoes elevate the presentation, nutrition and flavor.

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Deviled Potatoes

Move over, eggs. There’s a new little devil on the menu! Try this elegant preparation for Deviled Potatoes that brings together the beloved flavor and texture of whole and whipped yellow potatoes, with a touch of purple potato for a beautiful presentation.

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Potato Shawarma

Thin slices of potato are marinated in middle eastern spices, then layered and slow roasted in the oven. The shawarma is delicious served thinly sliced and piled on warm potato flatbread, garnished with pickled vegetables and creamy tzatziki sauce.

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Potato Tostones

Deliciously crispy smashed baby potatoes can be dressed with a myriad of toppings. Try tender carnitas, guacamole, thinly shaved jicama, or even decadent blue crab salad.

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Potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable.

47% of respondents prefer meals that include potatoes over meals that do not.

Potato Cracklin’s

A plant-based spin on chicharrones, these crispy, irregular pieces of potato skin provide great salty crunch and amazing potato flavor. Pair these with your favorite dip, such as a vegan nacho “cheese” sauce made with potatoes and other veggies.

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