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Chefs Love Potatoes

When seeking that magic mix of value, versatility, and patron appeal, modern chefs are turning to potatoes. Universally loved, they are the perfect canvas for tapping into today’s hottest culinary trends.
See how these chefs got creative and prepare to be inspired.

Featured Chef: Jamie Simpson

As the Executive Chef at The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden in Milan, Ohio, Chef Jamie Simpson explores every single part of a vegetable and incorporates each into a single dish. Here, Chef Jamie brings new life to fresh potatoes with these eye catching, scrumptious dishes.

Potato Salad

In this video, Chef Jamie Simpson revamps the classic potato salad. Using fresh potatoes, he forms an eye-catching geometric shape and fills the crevasses with celery, mustard, mashed potatoes and paprika. This serving method isn’t just visually appealing, it also captures the beloved flavors of traditional potato salad in an innovative way.

Potato Soup

Chef Jamie Simpson showcases the versatility of fresh potato skins by baking them and using them to create a potato stock. Using this potato stock, he creates a baked potato soup en croute garnished with crispy potato chips, watercress, crystal lettuces and mustard. By utilizing every part of a fresh potato, this dish reduces waste while pumping up the flavor.

Featured Chef: Ross Kilkenny

Chef Ross Kilkenny of Calistoga Ranch focuses on American-style cuisine with a healthy twist. Here, Chef focuses on the simplicity and quality of potatoes, using fresh potatoes to showcase the endless possibilities potatoes have to offer.

Potato Romesco

Chef Ross Kilkenny highlights fresh potatoes in this flavorful Potato Romesco. Using hazelnuts, parsley puree, chorizo and fresh potatoes, this application focuses on using high-quality ingredients to create a deliciously balanced dish.

Potato Ravioli

Chef Ross Kilkenny creates a tasty, gluten-free ravioli using fresh potatoes to create not only the shell, but the filling as well. Using purple potato puree, white truffles, crème fraiche and chives, this deliciously creamy filing is the perfect pairing for the potato ravioli.

Featured Chef: Dan Kish

The mastermind behind several successful fast casual chains, Chef Dan Kish of Food Fixe brings new life to dehydrated potatoes with these delicious, innovative dishes.

Tortilla Española

Chef Dan Kish highlights the versatility of dehydrated potato slices in his creative and innovative take on a Spanish Tortilla. This simple plating makes for a sumptuous one dish meal.

Potato Milanese

Chef Dan Kish uses dehydrated potato flakes to make a gluten-free breading for Chicken Milanese.  Crispy, crunchy and perfectly golden brown, this breading alternative is hard to beat.

Featured Chef: Katy Smith

One of the most creative chefs in the Mexican food scene, Chef Katy Smith of Puesto (San Diego) brings an innovative twist to traditional Mexican cuisine. Here, she brings the flavors of Mexico City to life through the use of different frozen potato products.

Potato & Chorizo Taco

Chef Katy Smith puts a new spin on a classic taco. This Potato and Chorizo Taco features frozen tater tots mixed with chorizo verde, scrambled eggs and cheese, which come together in an inspired and delicious breakfast taco.

Taquitos de Papas

Chef Katy Smith creates a delicious potato based filling for crispy taquitos using frozen shredded hashbrowns. These Taquitos de Papas are complimented by guacamole, salsa and back garlic chili oil to create the perfect sweet and spicy flavor combination.

Featured Chef: Shirley Chung

A native of Beijing, Chef Shirley Chung (Top Chef) brings plenty of global inspiration to her cooking. Here, Chef Chug puts a Chinese flair to three nontraditional potato dishes. Mixing texture, bold flavors, and top quality ingredients, she artfully prepares and plates each to perfection.

Soy-Glazed Yukon Gold Potato

Chef Shirley Chung perfectly mixes sweet, spicy, and savory to create big flavor is this mouthwatering, Chinese inspired, Yukon Gold potato dish.

Warm Potato Salad

Taking “potato salad” to the next level, Chef Shirley Chung kicks up the heat making this potato salad the perfect blend of crispy, crunchy, and nutty.

Potato Croquette

Chef Shirley Chung puts an elegant twist on a breakfast favorite. This potato croquette is complimented by apple butter, crème fraiche, and confit egg yolk to create a sumptuous and delicious dish.

Featured Chef: Rich Landau

Acclaimed plant-based chef, Rich Landau of Vedge Restaurant in Philadelphia, is known for his innovative techniques and veg-centric cuisine. His recipes and techniques showcase the versatility and global inspiration that is possible with potatoes.

Potato Scallops

We’ve all heard of scalloped potatoes, but how about potato scallops? Don’t let your eyes fool you! Chef Rich Landau uses red potatoes to create delicious potato “scallops,” ready to be dressed up just as beautifully as the real thing!

Potato Causa

Chef Rich Landau of Vedge  brings color and flavor to life using both purple and gold potatoes to create this brilliant Peruvian-inspired dish.

Potato Lo Mein

Chef Rich Landau reinvents this traditional street food pasta dish by developing an ingenious technique using Yukon Gold potatoes.


Chef Rich Landau showcases an easy and delicious way to prepare smashed fingerling potatoes.

Featured Chef: Chris Anderson

Michelin-starred Chef Chris Anderson of Moto restaurant in Chicago uses molecular gastronomy to turn simple ingredients into culinary works of art. Here we see him upend convention with his transformational take on steak and potatoes, potato salad and loaded baked potatoes. He further dares to us to suspend disbelief as he creates potato “glass” and potato spheres.

Steak and Potatoes

Steak and potatoes has never been less traditional than in Chef Chris Anderson’s artful take on this classic, which proves that when it comes to an impressive plate, sometimes less really is more.

Loaded Baked Potato

Bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the traditional steakhouse side, Chef Chris Anderson’s version of a loaded baked potato uses potato starch to create “potato glass,” making this dish equal parts art and food.

Potato Salad

Perfectly fresh and beautifully plated, simple ingredients take center stage in Chef Chris Anderson’s elegant spin on potato salad.

Potato Sphere

Chef Chris Anderson’s beautiful potato spheres showcase how seemingly simple, everyday ingredients can be transformed into dramatic show-stoppers when combined with inspiration and innovative techniques.

Featured Chef: Drew Deckman

Chef Drew Deckman, Deckman’s en el Mogor (Valle de Guadalupe, B.C., Mexico) captures the bounty of fresh potatoes in his seasonal, ingredient-driven cuisine. Deckman’s recipes are elegantly simple and designed to highlight the versatility potatoes. With few ingredients and just an open flame, he transforms the humble potato into five vibrant, innovative and flavorful dishes.

Yukon Gold Mouselline

Buttery, creamy Yukon Gold potatoes are whipped to create a silky bed for grilled asparagus and a delicate fried quail egg in Chef Drew Deckman’s sumptuous twist on classic mashed potatoes.

Hassleback Potatoes

In this modern potato recipe renovation, Chef Drew Deckman features purple potatoes for a stunning and colorful reinterpretation of the throwback classic hasselback potato. Topped with olive oil and a generous sprinkle of aged cheese, this delicious side dish is a contemporary show stopper.

Three Potatoes Three Ways

Chef Drew Deckman highlights the beauty and versatility of potatoes by showcasing three potatoes varietals prepared three ways: red potatoes confit with Montenegro ham fat and served atop raw zucchini salad topped with fried zucchini blossoms, roasted petite potatoes featured in a warm potato salad topped with baby arugula and a tomato vinaigrette, and finally, colorful purple potato chips stacked high with seared avocado and eggplant relish. Each potato recipe comes alive with flavor, texture and dramatic visual appeal.

Featured Chef: Tim Cushman

Potato Chip Nigiri

Let’s just start saying: Tim Cushman, and his knock-out Japanese restaurant o ya, are wicked fancy. So naturally we elected to talk about the one showstopper on his comprehensive menu that features the humble, beloved potato chip. Watch as fingerling potatoes take the spotlight in this bright twist on a classic nigiri, dressed with earthy truffle, and clean, cool notes of celery.

Featured Chef: Susan Spicer

Potato Brunch Pizza

A crackly crust of crispy Russet potatoes crowned with a runny egg and bright chives, re-invents brunch at Susan Spicer’s Mondo. See how she upgraded her trademark “Big Stupid Country Breakfast” by using potatoes in innovative ways.

Featured Chef: Jenn Louis

Sorcetti Dumplings with Lamb

Pasta maven Jenn Louis of Lincoln Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has a serious way of making the much-loved potato sing. She showcases the Mighty Russet by lacing sorcetti dumplings with a sharp zing of mustard greens in a wintery lamb ragù.

Featured Chef: Jessica Benefield

Potato Fries

In what promises to be the best three days ever spent on anything, Jessica Benefield of Nashville’s Two Ten Jack transforms the versatile potato into something even more exquisite than your average fry. Impossible, you say? This is baked potato as finger food, dusted with a sweet and spicy togarashi and served alongside a Kewpie mayo-scallion sour cream.

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