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If you’re on the hunt for everything you can do with potatoes and everything they can do for your school, you’ve come to the right place! Check out all of the great resources we have to offer!


Recipe Inspiration Guide

This guide includes recipes, meal contribution equivalents, and helpful hacks and tips to increase participation and menu more potatoes with recipes from school operators across the country.

Featured recipes highlight high quality operator submissions for breakfast, lunch, after school, and salad bar occasions, all standardized to meet USDA meal requirements.

Learn why potatoes are a delicious, cost-effective and nutritious addition to your cafeteria and how you can make meals kids will crave with our Potatoes Raise the Bar Inspirational Guide.


5-Day Breakfast and Lunch Meal Plan

How to serve delicious potato dishes to your students every day!

We know two things:
1) working in school foodservice is tough   2) kids love potatoes.

That’s why we’ve created this 5-Day Breakfast and Lunch Menu Plan to help inspire and show you how to serve delicious potato dishes to your students every day of the week.
Within the plan, you’ll find a weekly breakfast menu for grades K-12, and individual weekly lunch plans for grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Hang the menu calendar-style, or keep it handy during menu-planning season for easy reference. By no means is this an exact formula for you to follow, do with it as you please! Check with your state child nutrition staff for help with incorporating these menus into your weekly plan. Recipes for select main entrée and grab-and-go items can be viewed on our Recipe Page or downloaded on the Recipe Card page below.

Download the excel menu planners for each age group here: Breakfast K-12   Lunch K-5    Lunch 6-8    Lunch 9-12

Potatoes Raise the Bar Video Seriesvideo

We are proud to announce the release of our four-part educational video series! Watch and learn as Chef Garrett Berdan, RDN, LD walks you through potato-centric information to help shape your knowledge of the potato industry and how potatoes can help power the performance of your school operation.

Video Series Topics Include:
How Potatoes Are Grown & Harvested + Growing Potatoes At Your School
– Potatoes 101 – Purchasing and Preparing Fresh, Frozen and Dehydrated Potatoes
– Experimenting with Fresh, Frozen and Dehydrated Potatoes
– Potatoes A-Z

View our video series at  to earn your Continuing Education Credit. You will need to create a username and password so you can return to complete the quizzes and videos at your leisure. Return anytime to show these videos to staff for training or your students as well.

Potatoes Webinarwebinar

SNA members can also obtain 1-hour of CEU by watching our latest webinar, Potatoes: From Seeds to Your School Cafeteria, through SNA’s Webinar On-Demand.
Click here to access the webinar!


Potatoes Raise the Bar E-Newslettersprtb-newsletter

Catch up on the latest Potatoes Raise the Bar news, operator success stories, and operator recipes by checking out our e-newsletter archive! See how potatoes can raise the bar in your schools and how other schools have been successful with potatoes on their menus.
If you are not currently receiving our newsletters, be sure to sign up here!


Salad Bars in Your Schoolsalad-bar

Looking for ways to incorporate potatoes on your salad bar? Download our Salad Bar Schematics Guide.
Make sure to check out all of our school and salad bar friendly recipes! Click Here

Don’t Have a Salad Bar in Your School?
Check out the  Salad Bars to Schools program to see if your school district qualifies for a salad bar donation!


Potato Recipes and Education52 mondays-apre

Potatoes are fun for everyone! Discover the many benefits of cooking and dining together as a family with the 52 Mondays Cookbook.

Learn more about how Potatoes Make the Grade for School Meals.


School Foodservice Recipe CardsHomestyle Mashed

All of our exciting school recipes are available in easy, downloadable formats so you can have the best potato recipes at your fingertips. Find mouthwatering breakfast and lunch recipes here.




Afterschool Snack ProgramAfter School Snack program

In addition to being a delicious, cost-effective and kid-friendly solution for breakfast and lunch meals in schools, potatoes are also a nutritious option to consider for afterschool snacks. Learn more by checking out our Afterschool Snack Program handout.



Potato Menu ConceptsPRTB menu concepts

Want to try something new with potatoes on the menu? Download  the 9 exciting kid-friendly menu concepts that incorporate fresh, frozen, and dehydrated potatoes for your school cafeteria. The options for potatoes on the menu are endless and easy to do!


Growing Potatoes in Your Schoolgrowing potatoes

If you’ve never eaten a potato that has just been dug out of the soil, you’re really missing out on an amazing treat. Follow the directions in our How To Grow Potatoes in the Classroom handout.



Classroom Fun!potato nutrition and fun fact1

Think you know the potato? Think again! There’s so much to learn about the vegetable you already love. Download  this printable handout for nutrition info, potato types and fun facts that will get you and your class excited about the spectacular spud!



Meal Time Fun with Stickers!

Download “I Have Potato Power” and “I cleaned my plate with Potato Power” stickers to use during mealtime!
Download the Potatoes Sticker Instruction sheet to see how to best utilize the stickers and how to print.
All stickers are free to print from our website. All we ask are that photos are sent to us so we can share the your Potato Power stories with others.
Download the Avery Templates for: “I Have Potato Power” and “I cleaned my plate with Potato Power

Potato Storage for Schools

Potato storage is a serious matter. Keep your fresh potato in top notch quality by following these simple instructions. Download this poster and hang in your kitchens.

Potato Storage for Schools

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