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Potatoes Raise the BarClassroom Tools

There is so much to know about potatoes! Download all of our fun and educational activities for kids to teach them more about potato types, attributes, nutrition, and recipes.

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Chef Solus Potato Party Coloring Book

Kids learn about potato types and nutrition when they meet Chef Solus and travel from the fields to the kitchen to the table for a potato party

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Chef Solus Potato Party Recipe Cards

Kid-friendly recipes for each of the seven potatoes. Great activity for children to make their little recipe book and enjoy cooking potato recipes that are healthy and taste delicious! Note: This is a larger file and may take a few moments to download depending on your internet speed.

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Find that Potato Activity

Kids learn the seven main types of potatoes and their special attributes. A matching exercise where children match the type of the potato to its description.

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Name that Potato

Activity Page For Kids Fun matching exercise for kids. Introducing the seven types of potatoes. Kids match the cute little potato characters with their correct name. Great as part of a vegetable or harvest program. Chef Solus makes vegetables fun for kids to learn about!

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Potato Trivia Game Sheet

Challenge kids with this fun trivia sheet about potatoes. Great as a fun guessing game for the family, group or individual activity in school or after school worksheet. Promote the goodness of the potato vegetable.

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Chef Solus Potato Word Search Challenge for Kids - 15 Words!

A 15 word challenge for kids! Potato word search puzzles that promote the potato!

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Potatoes in School A to Z Word Search

Complete the word search with all the A to Z bold words about potatoes in schools. The remaining letters will spell out a secret message!

Growing Potatoes in Your School

If you’ve never eaten a potato that has just been dug out of the soil, you’re really missing out on an amazing treat. Follow the directions in our How To Grow Potatoes in the Classroom handout.

Grow in Classroom

Student Backpack Guide

This Student Backpack Guide to Potatoes includes information and activities just for students. Learn more about potato nutrition, farming and more!


Meal Time Fun with Stickers!

Download “I Have Potato Power” and “I cleaned my plate with Potato Power” stickers to use during mealtime! Download the Potatoes Sticker Instruction sheet to see how to best utilize the stickers and how to print. All stickers are free to print from our website. All we ask are that photos are sent to us so we can share the your Potato Power stories with others. Download the Avery Templates for: “I Have Potato Power” and “I cleaned my plate with Potato Power “

I Have Potato Power I cleaned my plate with Potato Power Potatoes Sticker Instruction I Have Potato Power Template I cleaned my plate with Potato Power Template

Potato Storage for Schools

Potato storage is a serious matter. Keep your fresh potato in top-notch quality by following these simple instructions. Download this poster and hang in your kitchens.

Download Poster

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