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F2F Spud Feature: Fingerling & Petite Potatoes

Fingerling and petite potatoes can be cooked whole and skin on, meaning virtually no prep. While these potato types have subtle differences, both fingerlings and petites are beloved for their bite-sized package, ability to absorb flavors and colorful variety.

Fingerlings have a medium sugar content, firm, waxy texture and buttery, nutty, earthy texture. Available with red, orange, purple or white skin, fingerlings are named for their oblong, finger-like shape and size of between 2 to 4 inches long.

Also known as “creamers,” petites are actually yellow, white and red potatoes harvested at a smaller size. They have a shorter grow time of about 60 days, as opposed to traditional sized potatoes which are a 90-day crop. Often referred to as pearls or marble-sized potatoes, petites have the same skin and flesh color, shape, texture and sugar content as their larger-sized cousins, but they pack a more concentrated flavor.


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